International Overdose Awareness Day

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Think an overdose isn’t relevant to you? Think again.

Today is International Overdose Awareness Day and whether you know someone who’s misusing drugs or not, an overdose is probably much closer to you than you could imagine.

This episode of Hopestream, a podcast for parents of kids who are experimenting with or struggling with substances, dives into some of the key things you need to be aware of today including:

  • why overdoses are on the rise again and COVID’s impact
  • the drug that’s involved in over 60% of youth overdoses (and it’s not heroin)
  • 2 very simple things you can do to be an active part of saving lives from overdose
  • and why this all matters, even if you (think) you don’t know anyone who’s misusing drugs

It’s available here or wherever you get your podcasts  (the link is

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