Our Programs

Individualized Therapy & Coaching Programs

Wonder: Step Up Programs

Youth Therapy + Parent Coaching + Family Therapy + Between Session Support

Whether building essential skills through standalone individual coaching for kids or parents to a more immersive in home/community full family program, we design our work to fit your needs.   Your clinical team continually assesses progress and collaborates with you to make any needed changes each month.  Adding layers of therapy and activity based coaching support allows for deeper exploration into emotions, behaviors, and understanding patterns that often get families stuck. Families function as a system of relationships and working within this system is an important part of our approach.  Our clinical team acts as an extension of your family system to provide the extra support families need to get unstuck, heal, and evolve.

Our approach is ideal when traditional talk therapy:

  • Isn’t the right fit
  • Has stagnated
  • Is contributing to lack of engagement
  • Doesn’t translate to real world application
  • Isn’t enough – we love to collaborate with current therapists

We work with teens and young adults needing support in:

  • Vocational and school goals
  • Socialization and communication tools
  • Relationship development
  • Identity exploration
  • Mood and emotional regulation,
  • Substance or Technology Recovery 

Wonderness : Wilderness Aftercare

Wonderness Aftercare is an individualized 3 month wilderness aftercare program. We have designed effective ways to integrate the hard work teens, young adults, and their families have made in wilderness programs into everyday life ensuring ongoing, long lasting change.

Wonder Transition and Aftercare

Transition and aftercare programs are as important to the treatment journey as being in a program. Wonder’s expertise and experience is in the way we weave families’ home and community environments into our therapeutic approach. By bringing therapeutic work into everyday life, we help youth and parents practice skills in real time and navigate the “in the moment” emotions that show up. Family evolution happens when we learn to be present and stay in relationship, especially when real life stressors drive us into past patterns of communication.

We work with residential programs and educational consultants to create continuity in therapeutic goals and to ease transition home for youth and families.  Our masters level clinicians are skilled at building relationships with youth and families and will support them as they reconnect with each other, heal past wounds, and move forward together.  

Each program is individualized to match the needs of your family. Your clinical team continually assesses progress and collaborates with you to make any needed changes each month.   

Wonderland : National Program

Wonderland National Program is geared to support families not located in our home regions.  Wonder’s relationship and family systems approach is effective in working with youth and parents virtually as well as in person.   We get creative in our virtual sessions and utilize activity based coaching to keep youth engaged with the work.  Your coach will travel to you to support your family with activities that will shift longstanding patterns and bring about healing.


WonderTween serves children ages 9-11, utilizing our family system and experiential approach tailored to meet the unique developmental needs of this age group. Our parent coaching helps parents maintain strong relationships with their children while providing the necessary structure and support during this crucial developmental stage as they transition into adolescence.

Recognizing that young people are constantly evolving, we are dedicated to observing and adapting our methods to best support them through these changes. Rather than making assumptions about what it means to be a tween, we focus on building direct relationships and experiences to offer the most effective support for families.

Our Approach

Modern + Dynamic Approach = Family System Healing and Evolution

Wonder’s approach changes the dynamic of therapy. We individualize our programs and continually assess as we ebb and flow with the needs of our families. We work collaboratively with families while staying rooted in clinical plans and goals.

Let’s start with a conversation about your family.