About Us

We are a Modern and Dynamic Team of Therapists supporting family healing and evolution.

Our Story

We saw a gap in the levels of care for youth and knew we could help.

We began working with teens and young adults to support them in a new way – out of an office and in everyday life.  We use activity based support because we know youth engage with therapy more authentically this way.  As we evolved, we added parent coaching and family therapy to include the whole family system because we know no one lives in a bubble.  Your Wonder team functions as an extension of your family system as we support your family to find long lasting, sustainable change.

Confident Living Opens

Dave Herz started A Confident Living Company to support teens and young adults in the real world.  “We show up!” was the ethos, meaning clients reached out anytime for support and Dave would be there.  Life happens outside of therapy and that’s where Dave jumped in! As our team has expanded, “We show up!” continues to be our mantra and inspiration.

Willow Joins The Team

Willow Rubin teamed up with Dave in supporting clients and brought a wealth of clinical experience in working with families in community based settings.  This experience combined with Dave’s real world approach began to define how we work with youth and families.  Real world + Youth and Parent Coaching + Family Therapy!

Transition & Aftercare

Dave and Willow saw a gap in the support available to youth coming home from wilderness and residential programs and knew they could help.  Our approach of working with youth and parents at home and in real life was a natural fit!  We developed a program specifically to help kids transition home to continue their work in conjunction with parents, and in their home community.  We showed up in real life to help families heal, evolve, and integrate the clinical work into everyday life .  We also expanded to multiple cities throughout the US!  We continue to have trusted long term relationships with educational consultants, and wilderness and residential programs nationwide.

Wonder is Launched!

Team Wonder began with the goal to expand our programs to support families at any point in their journey.  This means we can support families before, during, and after higher levels of care.   We use our unique approach of coaching and therapy to help youth and parents in their home community, in everyday life.   “We show up” during sessions and throughout the week to provide support when clients need us.     We support families in 7 cities with locally based clinical teams.   We also have developed a national team to support clients outside our home base regions.

Our Difference

Modern + Dynamic Approach = Family System Healing and Evolution

Team Wonder’s  expertise lies in helping families work through a large range of behavioral and emotional challenges that have impacted families’ abilities to find safe and healthy connections with each other.  We offer a modern and dynamic approach combining individual and parent coaching combined with family therapy that is customized to your family’s needs.

Our Founders

“The growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership.”

Harvey Firestone

Experienced Creative Leadership with Heart

Our founders provide the vision, guidance, and insight for Wonder’s continued growth and evolution.
We value our clinical teams and provide them with a supportive growth oriented culture because when they feel
supported, they do their best work for our clients.  “We Show Up”  for our clinical and support teams
in the same way we want them to show up for their clients.

Admissions and Outreach Team

The starting point to learn more about Wonder

Our admissions and outreach team is a group of professionals that enthusiastically advocate for families. We want to spread the word of our work because we know how important it is to find the right therapeutic fit for families.  Our admissions and outreach teams are led by licensed professionals who understand the clinical complexities of families’ needs and the struggle to find the right care. We are here to make things easier. Whether you are a parent looking for answers or professionals looking for a referral resource we are here to help and happy to do so.

Our Regions

We serve families with local clinical teams in 7 metro areas across the US.

We can also help families not in our markets through our national team and program.

Let’s start with a conversation about your family’s needs