Our Approach

Modern + Dynamic Approach =
Family System Healing and Evolution

Our Difference

We support families through coaching and therapy in real life settings.

Team Wonder’s expertise lies in helping families work through a large range of behavioral and emotional challenges that have impacted families’ abilities to find safe and healthy connections with each other. We offer a modern and dynamic approach combining individual and parent coaching paired with family therapy that is customized to your family’s needs.

Our approach is rooted in three main facets: Family Systems Framework, Relationship Dynamics, and Activity Based Support

Family Systems Framework

This means we work with the individual client and the client’s family members to understand and heal the family system as a whole.

Relationship Dynamics

Healing happens when relationships feel safe and supportive. We help untangle long standing communication patterns and emotions that have decreased safety and trust in family relationships.

Activity Based Support

Research shows engaging adolescents
and young adults/youth in their own environment allows for faster, more authentic and longer therapeutic engagement. Activity changes the dynamic of therapy and helps youth reengage, integrate, and find success in applying therapeutic work into everyday life.

Our Services

Our Services Individualized Therapy and Coaching Programs

Wonder provides a continuum of therapy and coaching for pre-teens, adolescents, young adults and their families by combining individual and parent coaching  with family therapy.   We customize our services and continually assess for adjustments as we work together.  Bottom line,  “we show up” for our clients in the way that will be most effective.

Comprehensive real time support for families

Let’s start with a conversation about your family.