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Wonderness: Wilderness Aftercare


Wilderness Aftercare

Wonderness Aftercare is an individualized 3 month wilderness aftercare program. We have designed effective ways to integrate the hard work teens, young adults, and their families have made in wilderness programs into everyday life ensuring ongoing, long lasting change.

Key Tenets of Wonderness Wilderness Aftercare include.

  • Mastering healthy relational skills takes practice in the real world. Being with clients day to day allows for the natural trial, error, and repair of communication which creates a safe space for youth and parents to learn together.
  • Gaining mastery in different real world environments. Using experiential support activates clients to integrate the concepts of therapy into concrete skill sets
  • Interweaving local coaches and community for long term, ongoing skill integration and development. Using local clinical teams creates a home base of support for clients and families resulting in an end to clinical work and beginning of healthier living.
  • Finding the sense of play and adventure in everyday life. Boots on the ground support extends the sense of adventure in wilderness to everyday life

We integrate the work from wilderness programs through:

  • Teen/Young Adult therapy and activity based coaching
  • Parent coaching
  • Family therapy at home
  • Individual and family wilderness excursions

Our Approach

Modern + Dynamic Approach = Family System Healing and Evolution

Wonder’s approach changes the dynamic of therapy. We individualize our programs and continually assess as we ebb and flow with the needs of our families. We work collaboratively with families while staying rooted in clinical plans and goals.

Let’s start with a conversation about your family.