Family Systems Orientation

What's a Family Session like?

From our NY Tri-State Regional Director, Cristina Reyeros

“Our monthly family meetings are truly special moments where we come together to strengthen the bonds of partnership within our families. As both the individual and parent coaches, we see these gatherings as opportunities to create a warm and inviting space where everyone feels heard and valued. During our time together, we encourage open dialogue, allowing parents and clients to share their joys, concerns, and aspirations openly. Together, we build a safe haven where challenges are met with understanding and support, and where victories are celebrated with genuine enthusiasm. Through our guidance and encouragement, families collaboratively set the tone for these meetings, shaping community agreements that reflect our shared commitment to growth and positivity. These gatherings are not just about therapy; they’re about fostering authentic connections and empowering each member to thrive, both individually and as a family unit.”

Viewing Struggles from a Whole System Perspective

We work with the individual client and the client’s family members to understand and heal the family system as a whole. Families function as a system of relationships and working within this system is an important part of our approach.  Our clinical team acts as an extension of your family system to provide the extra support families need to get unstuck, heal, and evolve. Family evolution happens when we learn to be present and stay in relationship, especially when real life stressors drive us into past patterns of communication.

Parent coaching is a key part of family systems work.  Parent coaching emphasizes emotional awareness and processing work for the parent.  Parent’s emotions (conscious and unconscious) create behaviors that impact the system/relational bond with their children. Our work is about helping increase parents’ awareness and healing of their emotional distress so they can show up with more mindfulness and empathy, and cultivate strong, healthy relationships with their child. Improved relationships serve as a foundation for safety, open dialogue, trust, and collaboration.  Parent coaching offers a transformative approach that empowers parents to navigate their unique parenting challenges with confidence, openness and compassion. By investing in parent coaching, families can reclaim their connection, rebuild relationships, and cultivate a supportive environment for everyone to thrive.

From our clients